Agriculture Workshop - links and presentations

West Wolds Slow The Flow - Agricultural Workshop

The workshop was held online on 21 June 2022, with very informative presentations on: Catchment Sensitive Farming (and associated funding and support); Humber Forest (extensive funding and support for tree planting); Our Chalk Landscape (underpinning everything in the Wolds); and how to sustainably improve soil fertility and productivity. This is a link to the event programme PDF.

Following are summaries, relevant links and videos of the presentations and discussion.

Introduction by WWSTF

Bill (West Wolds Slow The Flow) outlines what the West Wolds partnership is, the issues facing us, the area covered, and why we need to consider 'slowing the flow' as well as 'getting the water away'.

Website: (link to register and download):
CIRIA - The Natural Flood Management Manual


Workshop 1 - Catchment Sensitive Farming

Howard Botting (Natural England) discusses newly-available farm funding in 'medium-priority areas' (including West Wolds) and the prospect of new funds being introduced soon. Free, one-to-one help is offered on your farm, covering a large range of potential farm development with environmental and cost benefits.


Workshop 2 - Humber Forest

Hayley Little (Humber Forest) explains the extensive support now available for tree planting. Critically, all the landowner/farmer now needs to do, is discuss where they would like to plant trees. The Humber Forest team can do literally everything else, coordinated with and at no cost to the landowner; from finding the right funding and the best delivery team, selecting appropriate species, technical approvals, planting, and providing 5 year's maintenance. Humber Forest will also coordinate with the Forestry Commission and Woodland Trust to ensure the most appropriate funding for your tree-planting needs.


Workshop 3 - Our Chalk Landscape

Jon Traill (Yorkshire Wildlife Trust) outlines the importance of Chalk in our local area, how it underpins our landscape, farming, water, biodiversity and economy, and how it can frame the regeneration of Living Landscapes in East Yorkshire and the West Wolds


Workshop 4 - Soils

Neil Fuller (Atlas Biosystems) working with Andrew Walker (Yorkshire Water) discusses the big issues around soils and sustainability, and how soil fertility, health and productivity can be improved through good management practices. These can potentially save significant costs on fertiliser and machinery, whilst storing more carbon and water for climate resilience.


Questions and Discussion

Is money the issue? : Regenerative Farming : How to make progress on the ground : Carbon Storage and Credits - issues and opportunities : Bringing a scheme together : Roles of banks and food buyers in carbon audit : Role of the Local Plan : Carbon credits and tree planting.