In our first year of operation, we have set up the WWSTF Steering Group and Technical Group. Both of these have contributed to agreeing a set of projects. Some are strategic (for example: soil improvement, data capture, tree and hedgerow planting) and are listed on the Strategic Projects page.

An initial list of site-specific projects has been agreed. They are listed below and you can also locate them on the Mapping page.

Initial project list

Ref Parish Location Issues Opportunities More Information
P-E-01 Ellerker Woodale / Ellerker Beck Woodale and Brantingham Dale Becks contribute to high beck levels in Ellerker. Ellerker is also at the bottom of the YW waste water catchment. May be scope for intro of leaky dams and other NFM in the dales and becks/drain leading to Ellerker. Also improvements to beck infrastructure. P-E-01.pdf
P-E-02 Ellerker A63 Ellerker A63 both suffers with surface water and contributes to flash flooding in Ellerker Review impacts upon and by highway to flooding and water quality around Ellerker. P-E-02.pdf
P-N-01 Newbald The Becksies Springs at Becksies SSSI converge with other water, sometimes surcharging Newbald's surface and waste water systems Improve soil management in Wolds to reduce excess surface/ground water. Possible interventions to direct/detain water. P-N-01.pdf
P-N-02 Newbald The Mires and Pratt Wood Surface water running through the village tends to be constrained and backs up. Consider whether there is scope to lessen the constraints and make more space for water, for example at the Mires and Pratt Wood. P-N-02.pdf
P-N-03 Newbald Ings Beck Ings Beck is a straightened watercourse, downstream of the village, with some flooding noted on S Newbald Road and the A1034. Scope to introduce bends into beck to naturalise it, slow down storm flow and improve habitats. P-N-03.pdf
P-NC-01 North Cave Drewton Beck Beck conveys water from large catchment east of North Cave, contributes around 25% of flow into village Scope to attenuate along Beck, some small valleys and wooded areas suitable without affecting farmland P-NC-01.pdf
P-NC-02 North Cave Littlemoor Drain / Station Road / Finkle Street / North Cave Beck Littlemoor Drain drains an area east of North Cave, passes under Station Road in culvert and into Croft. Storm water affects Everthorpe Ln, Station Rd, NC School, Finkle St, Westgate & Blanshards Ln. Scope to detain water east of North Cave, within Croft, and to divert Littlemoor Drain to YW relief drain or overland to NC Beck. P-NC-02.pdf
P-NC-03 North Cave Nordham A large local catchment drains to restricted culvert north of Nordham, which overflows during storms, affecting several houses on Nordham Scope to detain some water in woodland to north, possibly also set-aside area and ditch north of gardens. P-NC-03.pdf
P-SC-01 South Cave Ferry Beck Water from Everthorpe and north of South Cave drains across farmland to be constrained at West End of South Cave, causing flooding. Scope to review drainage at Everthorpe and introduce NFM measures in farm ditches, to slow flow into West End. P-SC-01.pdf
P-SC-02 South Cave A63 South Cave A63 both suffers with surface water and contributes to flash flooding in Ellerker. Review impacts upon and by highway to flooding and water quality. P-SC-02.pdf

Is that it?

No! This is just our initial list of possible 'quick wins' across the catchment. Of course, they will not be quick or easy, but they have been selected for a range of reasons, including: they have had flooding issues in recent years; there is work happening in the area within one of the Agencies' programmes; they represent a fair spread of WWSTF's efforts across the whole catchment. There are many more areas that we are interested in, and much more work to do.

If you would like to find out whether anything is happening in your area, or would like to suggests any areas that we should be considering, get in touch and let us know.