It is important to keep track of the key events and meetings that are shaping West Wolds Slow the Flow. This timeline (most recent at the top) includes flooding, meetings and any other significant happenings.

WWSTF Meeting: 8 July 2020

Looking at Townend Lane

Online meeting with Parish Councillors, Ward Councillor, Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water.

Discussed funding of a feasibility study for WWSTF.

West Wolds Slow the Flow Website established:
June 2020

Website header

After a few months of piggy-backing on the Village Link and 2B Consultancy websites, WWSTF finally has its own home.

The website is the core of WWSTF publicity efforts and the permanent location for relevant information, meeting notes, etc.

WWSTF Meeting: 4 June 2020

Looking at Townend Lane

Online meeting with Parish Councillors, Ward Councillors, East Riding Flood Management and Environment Agency.

Welcomed Brantingham Parish Council and discussed main aims and strategy.

WWSTF Meeting: 6 May 2020

Online meeting with Parish Councillors, Ward Councillors, East Riding Flood Management and environment Agency.

Discussed being part of HERCP, involving Brantingham Parish Council, GIS data from ERYC/EA.

North Cave Catchment Meeting: 3 April 2020

At this point we were still focussed on North Cave but trying to establish whether we should be looking at the whole 'Mill Beck' catchment, from Newbald to Ellerker. The answer was 'yes'.

Village Link update: April-May 2020

Flooding update in the newsletter for North Cave, Everthorpe and Hotham. It described the public meeting attendance and the broad issues and aims coming out of that meeting.

Full copies of Village Link are here

North Cave Catchment Public Meeting: 25 February 2020

Looking at Townend Lane

A successful public meeting was held on 25th February in the Village Hall. The 39 attendees were mostly North Cave / Everthorpe flood-affected residents, but also representatives from Newbald, South Cave and Ellerker Parish Councils.

Importantly, the key principles of 'Slowing the Flow' and working in Partnership were discussed and agreed as the right way forwards.

Flooding: 16 February 2020

Flooding at Nordham

The flooding in February badly affected areas like Snaith and Rawcliffe along the River Aire, 20km west of us, but were not too bad for most of North Cave.

Properties on Nordham were, however, once again badly affected by surface water flooding. The photo above was taken at 5am in the morning on 16 February.

North Cave - meeting with Agencies: 4 February 2020

Looking at Townend Lane

Just before lockdown, we held a meeting with ERYC and EA to look at where flooding had caused problems, and what solutions there might be in Everthorpe, and at Nordham, Finkle Street, Blanshards Lane, Townend Lane and South Ings Lane in North Cave.

The Agencies got a good sense of some of the unusual surface water and ground water flooding that had occurred at the above locations. This will, hopefully, contribute to ERYC's S19 Flooding Report. With thanks to the residents who briefed us beforehand!

Village Link update: February-March 2020

Flooding update in the newsletter for North Cave, Everthorpe and Hotham. It explained which areas we had been working with and the intention to hold a meeting with ERYC and EA.

Full copies of Village Link are here

Village Link update: December-January 2019-2020

Village Link cover

This was Village Link edition that came immediately after the November flooding, and set out the proposed approach of looking at the entire catchment, not just within the confines of the villages. Incidentally, the answer to the question 'When next?' was '...3 months!'

Full copies of Village Link are here

Meeting of residents with NCPC: 20 November 2020

Six days after the 14 November flooding, residents Bill and Elizabeth Blackledge, together with Richard Young of Finkle St, met North Cave Parish Council and explained what we would like to try to do about flooding, including holding a public meeting and working with residents and flooding agencies.

This was approved of by the Parish Council who offered 'whatever support was needed'. Cllr North offered to be the point of liaison with the Parish Council, which was accepted by all, but not formally recorded, as this took place outside the main meeting.

Consequently there is no record of the discussion or the agreement for Cllr North to liaise for NCPC.

Flooding: 14 November 2019

Flooding at Everthorpe Lane

For many in the villages, this was a rather shocking first experience of flooding, much of it well beyond the reach of main rivers, occurring because of overland surface water or ground water movement.

The areas affected surprised many people, ranging from Everthorpe and the centre of North Cave, which had been affected in 2007, to Nordham, Everthorpe Lane and South Ings Lane, which had not been previously affected. This time, there was no ignoring the fact that climate change has created a new, and very disturbing, normal - and we had better do something about the way we respond as residents, farmers, landowners and agencies.

Flooding: June 2007

Flooding at Nordham

Although we are going back 13 years from the creation of WWSTF, it is important to remember this as the first time many of us saw really significant flooding across wide parts of the western Wolds.

The above photo was taken at Church Lane, Hotham, but there were also serious issues in Newbald, North Cave, Everthorpe, South Cave and Ellerker - as well as much of Hull, Doncaster, Sheffield and the south-west of England. The Pitt Review of 2008 started to uncover the issues, and the Flood and Water Management Act of 2010 started to deal with them, but the government has subsequently failed to grasp the severity of the issue and the scale of change needed in planning and land management, let alone dealing with the big issue - Climate Change.